Ouch! The 15 Worst Sports Fanbases In North America

“Who do you think is the worst sports fanbase in North America???”

15 Worst Sports Fanbases In North America


Well… that’s three videos now from these guys that picks on Boston.  Having said that, it could be argued they deserve it. But there’s a lot of the usual suspects you would expect in this video,  such as the *ahem* Patriots fans, Detroit Tigers fans, Dallas Cowboys fans…. but there’s some surprises too, in my opinion.  We’ve seen so much whining online about how bad the Seattle Seahawk fans are, and no Seattle team is mentioned here.

Maybe some validation for the Seattle fans?

It’s hard to include online/social activity when judging sports fans as a whole, since so many people say what they would never dare say to your face, or at a game.  They aren’t real fans.

What do you think?