49ers Fans Start a Fight – Then Lose it Badly

“Maybe San Francisco 49ers fans should take the next few weeks of NFL football off. Just days after four Niners fans were arrested for the brutal beating of a Minnesota Vikings fan in Santa Clara during Week 1, another pack of San Francisco faithful started yet another series of blows. This time, though, they ended up on the receiving end.”

San Francisco 49er Fans


We will once again start by stating we are never for beating up anyone for any reason… however…. one could argue, there are exceptions.  We’ll let you decide if this one of those.

Apparently this is how the story goes: the guys you see getting beat up in the video were inside the restaurant and started causing problems inside.  They were trying to start a fight with a Steelers fan, who smartly walked away. Then the rude 49er fans started being obnoxious to everyone in the restaurant, swearing, etc and apparently messed with the wrong group.

They followed them outside, and you saw what happened next.  The guy at :09 seconds of the video was the one that started everything.

So if you’re looking for a fight, and get one, who is to blame?  It’s very hard to feel sorry for them. Still hate the 5 on 1 gang-style beating, there’s just no need.

What do you think?