Caleb Matthews – Vancouver Canucks troll vs. Boston Bruins

“Where are all the Bruins trolls who were trolling the Vancouver Canucks all year long?  Not so high and mighty now are ya?  EAT THAT!!!!!”

LMAO here come the Flames butthurt losers out of the woodwork. I will let the likes and comments speak for themeselves. Get bent Steven. MY POWER over you and your Flames trash troll fans is magnificent! I own ya”

“Considering how we are going to get healthier next year, draft a top 3 player and retool we will be better than Boston next year mark my words. In the meantime you enjoying drinking your own tears? HAHA BOOOO BOOO. Some fans booing your team off the ice…lmao”

“I hate Boston as well and that was a very dumb thing to say John. That being said…Boston “fans” if you can call most of them that after today’s bandwagon jumping and booing of their own team…should really stop making Vancouver riot comments….not all Canuck fans participated in that.”

Can you predict future? No i don’t think so…so to say a franchise will never win a cup is sheer stupidity. In the meantime…how about that postgame support from fans? Booing your own team off ice…I bet you most of the bandwagoners from 2011 are already gone…lol Bruins suck”

“I live inside your head Steven. You are on this desperate rampage and jihad to try and smack me around on FB. It ain’t working…and actually no I am not missing in action every Canucks post…you just aren’t looking hard enough…I have magnificent power…more trolling of me? I love it! Just means i am under your skin. And act my age? Your the guy who according to your facebook is a married man with kids throwing out trash talk to me. Maybe you should spend less time on the keyboard and more time with your family…act your age paps and go play with your kids. Game set and match.


Caleb Matthews

LOL Caleb Matthews at it again, but has strayed from his usual Calgary Flames related drivel, and today decided to troll Boston Bruins fans.   2011 was a long long time ago Caleb, it’s time you got over it like everyone else.  

Submitted text:

As you can see from the comments, he has some pent-up anger still towards the Bruins after they rolled Vancouver, in Vancouver and paraded the cup around in their arena. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall at Caleb’s house during that!  All this from a proclaimed “god’s man” and supposed adult model in British Columbia.  He’s an embarrassment to his fellow fans, the team he follows, and his family.

It’s sad that Caleb’s friends, family and workmates might hit this page and realize what a douchebag he is, but he posts all his comments publicly, so why shouldn’t they know the real Caleb Matthews?   Acting like jerk as often as Caleb does has repercussions.

“I have magnificent powers” – indeed: magnificent asshole powers, Mr. Delusions of Grandeur.

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