Chris Tateham of Victoria BC – Vancouver Canucks Troll

Wow, received this post today from an anonymous user – and I have to agree, this guy is just fishing for arguments, like most trolls online. And apparently just discovered his CAPS LOCK key, because he says MANY important things that we MUST pay attention to!

We are told this troll pops up time to time on Vancouver Canuck-related SportsNet posts on Facebook, and starts inflammatory posting followed by arguing all the way down the thread.  Likes to stand up on his pedestal and point down at people, while completely forgetting the past decade.  I’ve said it before; we always hope these losers have better ways to spend their time (family/friends/children/etc) but it seems deeply set narcissistic characteristics are hard to beat.

Ironically, the dude is an Edmonton Oiler fan, so I guess half a decent year of hockey (forgetting about the past decade of bad hockey) is enough to have some people beating their chests.  Honestly, hard to blame these folk – their team has been so bad for so long, it had to be hard for them.  Butt end of NHL “bottom of the league” jokes for the better part of a decade, not to mention the wonderful drafting.  We’ll post the entire conversation below and let you decide if this fella just enjoys talking hockey, or is being a chest-beating prick. We don’t really care either way, but the final comment is telling:  “Say whatever you want. I am connected to many hockey experts who say the exact same thing.”

Oh well, la-dee-da.  Yes Chris, I’m sure you just took a little timeout from your well-connected hockey world to be an asshole on Facebook and troll Canuck fans.  This is what an arrogant prick sounds like kids, right here.

Nonetheless – Facebook is a place where narcissistic trolls shine, this is just another example.  Hopefully his future employers see this (he lives in BC right?).  Right.



What do you think?