CLASSIC – 1979 Boston Bruins Fight New York Rangers Fans at MSG

Bruins battle Rangers fans
AP. Toronto Star. December 24. 1979.

“An ugly brawl erupted between Boston Bruin players and several Madison Square Garden patrons following Bruins’ 4-3 National Hockey League victory over New York Rangers last night and four fans were arrested.

At game’s end, hard feelings, which had been developing throughout the game, got the better of New York goalie John Davidson. The netminder skated to Bruins’ end of the rink instead of going directly to the dressing room, and confronted Boston’s Al Secord and John Wensink.

Both Boston players had been involved in some rough play with Davidson and New York’s Swedish forwards,Ulf Nilsson and Anders Hedberg. “Secord suckered Nilsson and the referee (Greg Madill) did nothing about it,” said Davidson, who allowed three goals in the final period.

His teammates, seeing Davidson talking with Secord and Wensink, also skated to the Boston end of the rink.  Boston coach Fred Creighton came on the ice and ordered his players off through a tunnel at the end of the rink.

Before all Boston players could get off, New York’s Frank Beaton and Secord began a fight in the corner. Boston’s Stan Jonathan joined in and a fan reached across the glass and punched Jonathan in the face.

Jonathan raised his stick to swing it at the fan and the heckler grabbed the stick, and turned it on Jonathan. Boston’s Terry O’Reilly jumped over the boards and wrestled the fan as all the Bruins poured over the boards.

Oh man this is epic!  Looks like one of the Bruins players didn’t like the fan smacking his teammates with the hockey stick from the stands, so up he goes!

We always hear people talking about how tough the Flyers were back in the 70’s – well, the Bruins were no joke back then either, proof is in the pudding.  That takes BALLS!!!

Reminds me a lot of the Ron Artest fight in the NBA, when those fans started pelting Ron Artest and Ben Wallace with chairs, drinks, anything they could get their hands on during their fight that ran into the crowd. The NBA laid out the following punishment: 9 players suspended for 146 games.

This fight with the fans? 3 players suspended for 20 games.  Gotta love the 70’s!

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