Flyers Fans Throw Ed Snider Bracelets on Ice – NHL Playoffs 2016

“The bracelets started raining down in the third period after Flyers right winger Pierre-Edouard Bellemare was ejected for checking Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov — who was pelted with a few bracelets himself.”

“Flyers right winger Wayne Simmonds tried to tell fans to cool it. He even stood with Alex Ovechkin of the Capitals on the ice, waving their hands in disbelief.”

“But the Flyers were punished for it anyway, and fans cheered as the delay of game penalty was declared. Announcer Lou Nolan even scolded his fellow Philadelphians.”

Flyers Hockey Fans

There’s a couple ways you can look at the Ed Snider Bracelet-throwing incident during Game 3 of the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals playoff game:

  1. Putting light-up bracelets on everyone’s seat prior to the game was inviting stupidity to happen.
  2. Some Flyer fans are complete morons.

This is why we can’t have nice things – it really is.  When you want to do something fun or cool for the fans, you have to take it to the lowest common denominator: the drunk guy in a wife-beater that decides chucking stuff at the refs and on the ice is OK, let alone bracelets used in the pre-game ceremony honoring the former owner of the Flyers. Yes, we know – it wasn’t all Flyer fans, “just a handful”.

Well, yes indeed. And they were quickly condemned by their own – Wayne Simmonds was yelling at the fans telling them to stop. Even Ovechkin was pleading with the fans. Flyers PA announcer scolded the fans during the live broadcast. The Twittershpere blew up with what I can only imagine was the hashtag #flyersfanshavenoclass or something of the like.

The Flyers received a bench minor penalty for delay of game and the Flyer fans cheered…   yikes.

Point of clarity: the bracelets had nothing to do with Mr. Snider. They were plain LED bracelets that synced with the music during the preshow and at various points during the game (including Mr. Snider’s memorial). I’m not condoning what some people did last night, but don’t make the bracelets themselves seem like something more than they are.

What do you think?