Miami-Clemson Fan Fight Nov 2015

“Well the fight by fans four or five rows up yelling obscenities towards myself because I was rooting for Clemson. Then the drinks started being thrown. Who would waste a $12 beer on a fan when they have thrown it at the coach. I tried keeping my composure but once you provoke a bull it’s hard to stop it.

The gentleman in the blue puma shirt sucker punched me twice while Sherman Klump in the orange jersey shoved me. I wanted to strike back but knowing the way social media is nowadays and how fast cell phones it was hard not to. The police and event staff took much longer to arrive than thinking, hence why I didn’t throw punches even though they would have been well deserved. The picture makes it look like I’m fighting my dad but I’m actually trying to get to the guy in the orange jersey. His Gilligan hat suites him well though.

Lol we also had a sign wishing my brother who passed away in April a happy birthday. Here are some pictures.”

Tyler Neary

Some people are such idiots – not Tyler Neary however.  He was the recipient of a few obscenities and expensive stadium beer tossed at him all for…. … wait for it….  rooting for his team!  It’s a game people, settle down – if you’re prone to spassy alcoholic fights, then don’t go the damn game.  And most certainly don’t sucker punch anyone.

What do you think?