MLB Fan Brawl – Yankee Fans vs Marlins Fans

“The two fans exchanged words after the Marlins fan cursed out the Yankee fan’s wife. After defending his wife, the Marlins fan took the insults a bit further, taunting the Yankee fan’s 10-year-old daughter, who was crying after seeing her father fight. The Marlins fan was then kicked out of the game, while the dad consoled his little girl. It’s family first in this battle.”

Yankee fans vs Marlins fans

That’s the way to class up the place, taunting a 10 year old girl?  I’m ashamed America, I really am.  This kind of fan behavior crosses WAY over the line. If you ever find yourself taunting a child at a sporting event, feel free to tattoo the ‘L’ on your forehead immediately.

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