NBA Ron Artest & Ben Wallace fight

“Ten years later: ‘The Brawl’ prompted change in NBA.  Overall, the NBA issued some of the harshest penalties in its history by banning nine players for more than 140 games. Artest’s
suspension is the strongest ever levied for a fight during a game.

All of the suspensions are without pay. Artest will lose approximately $5 million in salary, while O’Neal’s suspension will cost him nearly 25 percent of his $14.8 million salary for the
current season.”

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Did you know the dress code instituted in the NBA was because of this fight?  In an effort to clean up its image, especially that of the players, the NBA’s Commissoner Stern passed a ruling that required all NBA players to follow a strict dress code – similar to that of the NHL.

No one saw this brawl coming, especially with that size and magnitude.  Fans got involved throwing chairs, bottles, anything they could get their hands on at Artest and Jackson. But the Detroit Pistons’ fan base is known to be rowdy, and of course Metta World Peace was once Ron Artest when he was on the Indiana Pacers with all the *ahem* expected baggage that comes with that.

This infamous video from 2004 tells most of what happened that fateful night.

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