NFL Fan Fight: Seahawks vs. Packers/Cardinals

“Not all of the action was on the field last night during the Packers-Cardinals game. After the Hail Mary from Aaron Rodgers, a lone Seahawks fan in the crowd looks like he stirred up some trouble as he put a guy in a headlock. Couple Cardinals fans take turns throwing punches at him to welcome him into the stadium.

Seahawks fan was ejected. This is what the guy who recorded wrote about the incident:

“Police took my phone to forensics and I missed the Hail Mary. About halfway into the video the biggest fist fight of the night breaks out and I grabbed all of it on tape. I started filming a solid one minute prior to the escalation thinking this might blow up into something. Half a dozen arrests as a result of this footage. Look for the guy in Seattle Seahawks gears, the Arizona fans absolutely animate him. The fight does not break out until about halfway through the video.”

Seahawks fan vs Cardinals/Packer fans

The title isn’t a misprint – this guy took on two groups of fans on this fine day!   There’s nothing wrong with wearing your team’s colors.  Nothing.  But – you should probably be on your best behavior while doing so, if you decide to go swimming with piranhas. Don’t move too quickly.  Don’t draw attention to yourself.  And for gods sake, don’t let them smell the blood!

Going to the Green Bay-Arizona game wearing Seattle colors is the very definition of piranha-infested waters: everything is nice & pleasant until someone drops fresh meat in the pool.

Now look, we don’t know if this young fellar’ here was looking for trouble, innocently watching the game minding his own business… cussing at everyone around him… who knows?  I’ll say this: wearing your jersey into hostile territory attracts a TON of unwanted attention whether you want it or not.

So if you’re prone to getting pissed off or have thin skin, don’t wear the damn jersey, it’s just not that big of deal.

What do you think?