NFL Fan Fight: Washington Redskins vs. Washington Redskins

“Since Daniel Snyder is taking so much heat about the team name,maybe what he should do is keep the name change the logo. Instead of a picture of a Native American on the jersey they should just have some fat,drunk and sunburned fans fighting on their jerseys, that would be hilarious.”

NFL Redskins vs. Vikings fan fight

Oh wait! It’s another one of those fan fights, you know, that only involves fans from one team. We’ve posted a slew of these in the NHL category, but not from our NFL fans – yet.

Yup, this is just two Redskins fans fighting at a Vikings-Redskins game back in 2010. From what we can see, it’s Doug Heffernan from The King of Queens fighting a fat, disgusting drunk wearing a jersey of a dude 15-20 years younger.  In the video there were two separate incidents where a father and a mother were desperately pulling their kids out of the way; what a display for children.  Monkey see monkey do.  Role models.  All that stuff. C’mon America.

But – we could be wrong, and it’s not fair to judge.  Perhaps these are two fine outstanding gentlemen that just had a bit too much to drink one day and let their emotions go astray?

Indeed. Reminds me of that joke…

How do you fit 4 drunk [Redskins] fans on a barstool?….turn it upside down.

[insert your rival team]



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