MLB Fan Fight: Texas Rangers Vs Toronto Blue Jays vs Baseball Bat

“Two baseball fans fight over a bat the flew into the seats, during the Rangers Vs Blue Jays. The bat came from a Blue Jay’s Edwin Encarnacion.”

Insta-classic:  the fight over the baseball bat.  In this case, thrown there by the Blue Jay’s Edwin Encarnacion in May 2014.

The guy in black had his small daughter with him & it’s a shame that she had to witness her dad being a complete jackass. I mean honestly people. Stop this.  What kind of display is that for a child, from her Dad no less?  Having said that, it did look like he had the bat first and the bald fellow in front reached back and tried to grab it – super uncool dude, super uncool.

Super ugly stuff on both sides.  Let’s face it: if it were me, ya, I’d probably stand up to the guy trying to grab the bat that I just caught, likely for my daughter.  But don’t choke the dude out!


What do you think?